Drumming noises? Holes in your wood siding? Woodpeckers pecking and damaging your house? These sounds and damage may well be due to woodpeckers. Call Critter Control today for effective prevention of woodpecker damage.

Identifying A Woodpecker


Woodpeckers are known for their loud and destructive food-seeking behaviors. By drilling holes into trees they gain access to a variety of insects. Woodpeckers persistently and unknowingly pester building residents and owners.

Woodpeckers typically have red markings on their heads, and long and sharp pointed beaks built for sustained rapping on trees. Common types of woodpeckers also have black and white plumage. The pileated woodpecker is one of the largest and most recognizable of its kind. They grow to be comparable to the size of crows, about 15 inches long and up to 14 ounces in weight. Distinctive markings include red crest markings and mostly black bodies, which display only a few white stripes.

Due to their ideal food source, woodpeckers enjoy nesting in environments with plentiful trees. The trees will be used for nests and as sources of food. Woodpecker nest holes are generally just large enough for an adult to fit through.

Woodpecker Control


Woodpeckers show no physical threat to humans. Human property, on the other hand, is at great risk. In addition to the loud and annoying noises, woodpeckers will inflict structural damage on the sides of buildings, eaves, and trim boards. The size of the holes will vary depending on whether the birds are looking for food or building a nest. The frequent woodpecker activity can leave trees open to pest insects, infection, disease, and even death.

Woodpecker Removal

Woodpecker control problems that get out of hand are best handled by professionals. Critter Control of Central Massachusetts offers proven methods of removal and bird repellent. We will get woodpeckers away from your home and stop the persistent and frustrating noises.

Woodpecker Damage Repair and Prevention

Once the woodpeckers are away from your home, Critter Control of Central Massachusetts will repair damages done to your home and prevent future damages from occurring. Our wildlife specialists are knowledgeable on woodpecker habits and habitat preferences. We will get rid of them and keep them away!

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