Squirrels in the attic, crawl space, or eaves will create extensive damages! The scurrying noises you are hearing just may be a squirrel control problem. Call Critter Control of Central Massachusetts for squirrel removal, squirrel damage repair, and squirrel prevention.

Identifying a Squirrel


Central Massachusetts has many varieties of squirrels. Tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and flying squirrels share similar characteristics and cause similar mischief.

Tree Squirrels

Tree squirrels are the most common species of squirrels. Here in Central Mass, we encounter eastern gray and the American red squirrels on a frequent basis. They both generally grow between 1-2 feet long including their tails, and gray squirrels can be shades of gray, or black, with lightly colored underbellies, while red squirrels are red with light colored underbellies. Tree squirrels like to live among hardwood or coniferous forests where ground cover is plentiful, and create nests of twigs and leaves.

Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrels are smaller than tree squirrels, with shorter tails and shorter fur. The only small form of ground squirrels here are eastern chipmunks. Groundhogs are also considered to be ground squirrels, but of the large variety. A chipmunk has reddish-brown fur on its upper body and five dark brown stripes contrasting with light brown stripes along its back, ending in a dark tail. Ground squirrels flourish in open grasslands where they dig deep, extensive burrows with multiple exits.

Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels are the smallest of the three types of squirrels. They have webs of skin between their fore and hind limbs that allow them to glide, giving them the name “flying squirrels”. They are generally light brown or gray with large eyes that allow them to see at night.

Squirrel Control

Squirrel Damage

Squirrels will create damage upon entry alone. Once inside, there is no telling the amount of damages these critters can create. Squirrels are very destructive animals that can accumulate extensive damages in a very short amount of time.

Common damages include:

  • Chewed Electrical Wires
  • Pulled Insulation for Nesting
  • Soiled Insulation
  • Holes in Siding
  • Weakened Building Structure
  • Yard/Lawn Damage

Squirrel Trapping and Removal

Critter Control of Central Massachusetts has experience in dealing with all types of squirrels. We can identify the type of squirrel you are dealing with by the noises you hear in the attic, the damages, and the point of entry. We will trap squirrels and remove squirrels from your property using safe and humane methods.

Squirrel Damage Repair and Prevention

Once all the squirrels are removed, Critter Control of Central Massachusetts will repair damages done. We offer attic insulation restoration, sealing of entry holes, vent screening, and more. Many of our damage repair methods also act as prevention techniques that keep squirrels out for good!

Call Critter Control of Central Massachusetts for complete squirrel control. (508) 919-6320

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