Ground Squirrels
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Ground squirrels are similar in appearance to chipmunks and share similar habits. Typically measuring 12 inches long, and weighing a little more than 5 ounces, ground squirrels are quite smaller than tree squirrels. Most are found in shades of brown or gray and have stripes or spots along their backs. Not only are their bodies smaller than that of the tree squirrel, they also have shorter tails and smaller ears.


Ground squirrels will create extensive burrows with multiple entrances and exits. They are often found in grassy areas, including prairies and meadows. They can also be found near riverbanks, lakeshores, and ponds, or any areas where the soil is favorable for digging. Ground squirrels are known to invade golf courses, grazing pastures, public parks, and lawns.

Ground Squirrel Control

Ground Squirrel Damage

Ground squirrels do not generally invade homes, but they will enter yards, farmlands, and gardens to find a food supply and nesting opportunities. Ground squirrels are not interested in entering homes, but are capable of doing so through chimneys, broken windows and door screens, vents, and other large openings.

Ground squirrels' diet consists of several harmful insects, which can be helpful to humans.  However, they also have an eye for cash crops and ornamental plants. Their burrowing habits will leave holes in the ground that can make mowing difficult, dehydrate tree roots, weaken the foundation of structures, and harm livestock, pets, and your family. Additionally, ground squirrels carry parasitic ticks, lice, mites, and fleas.

Trapping and Removal

Calling the professionals at Critter Control of Central Massachusetts will be your best way to control and manage ground squirrels. Our technicians create solutions to solve ground squirrel problems that are both humane and effective. We get rid of ground squirrel problems quickly!

Damage Repairs & Prevention

Critter Control of Central Massachusetts will repair damages created by the problem ground squirrels. Some damage repairs will double as preventative methods that will help keep ground squirrels from creating more problems and damages in the future.

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