Flying Squirrels
Flying squirrels can control their glide and speed by direction, angle and destination, and have been recorded to glide as far as the length of a football field.

Identifying a Flying Squirrel


Flying squirrels use unique flaps of skin to glide among treetops. They are not capable of true flight like birds or bats and are rarely encountered by humans because they are nocturnal.

Flying squirrels bodies are covered in gray or brown fur and grow between 8 and 12 inches long. The preferred nesting area would include forests of seed-producing hardwood trees or deciduous and mixed forests. They will build nests from twigs, bark, feathers, fur, and leaves. Abandoned bird nests, dying trees, and woodpecker holes create the perfect nesting opportunities.

Flying Squirrel Control


Flying squirrels will create extensive damages in attics and walls. Once they are inside of your home, there is no limit to the damages they can do. Common flying squirrel damages may include:

  • Chewed Electrical Wires
  • Pulled Insulation for Nesting
  • Soiled Insulation
  • Holes in Siding
  • Weakened Building Structures
  • Yard/Lawn Damage

Squirrel Trapping and Removal

Critter Control of Massachusetts is experienced in flying squirrel trapping and removal methods. Your wildlife specialist will identify the flying squirrel by the noises you are hearing, the damages, and the point of entry. We will trap and remove each flying squirrel from your home and begin implementing other steps of control.

Squirrel Damage Repair and Prevention

Once all of the flying squirrels have been removed, Critter Control of Central Massachusetts will repair the damages using professional materials. We offer attic insulation restoration, sealing of entry holes, vent screening, and more! A lot of our damage repair methods also second as prevention techniques that will keep flying squirrels out of your home for good!

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