Wildlife Removal

Safe & Humane Removal

Critter Control of Central Massachusetts can get rid of the wildlife in your home using safe and effective methods. After inspecting your home and identifying the wild animal in your home, your wildlife specialist will implement proper methods of trapping and removal.

Our technicians specialize in safe and effective wildlife removal. Removing wild animals from a home is a time consuming, tiresome, and dangerous task for untrained homeowners. Our wildlife specialists can get rid of your nuisance animal quickly and safely, ensuring each animal is removed from your home.

Removal Methods

Each wild animal will have unique diet preferences, nesting areas, and intelligence levels. Critter Control of Central Massachusetts will create a removal plan that will work quickly with the wildlife in your home. Your wildlife specialist may implement a variety of removal methods to ensure your nuisance animal is removed safely and in a timely manner.

Some of our removal services include:

  • Species-specific wildlife removal techniques featuring one-way doors and exclusions
  • Collecting, safekeeping, and reuniting of offspring with parents/siblings after animal removal
  • The use of eco-friendly repellents and prevention techniques to keep wildlife from returning
  • Carcass Removal - We can remove dead animals from your home and property. Our team can locate animal carcasses, then follow up with decontamination and odor remediation techniques to remedy unpleasant lingering smells.

Our team can handle all of your animal removal and pest removal needs. Big or small animals, inside or outside pests, we've got you covered with the professional wildlife management and animal removal solutions you need.

Critter Control of Central Massachusetts can remove skunks, raccoons, moles, and more! To get rid of wild animals in your home, give us a call at (508) 919-6320.